Hi, I’m Louise! Thanks for popping over and taking time to look at my blog!  

“Who IS this woman and why should I listen to her??” I hear you say. Well I’m a 30 year old married mum to baby Eva. All sounds pretty normal to you I’m guessing, but there have been a lot of big things happen in my life that have taught me big lessons, and have really shaped me and turned me into who I am today. I am no one important, but if I can take what I’ve learned as a human and a mamma and make one person feel just that bit better through this blog, its done its job!

To pay the bills I for some mad reason decided to pursue a high stress, low reward career in children’s social work, and still work in this area now in my first job since becoming a mum. I like a spot of meditation when I lose my Zen (it gets lost on the regular), and have been known to bake a good pavlova in my time. Every now and again I hop onto a spinning bike or throw some weights around so that my jeans fit. You may get a glimpse of all these little nuggets as I go along on here, but all that isn’t what has inspired me to start a blog…

So what am I going to be talking about? Well, this a blog about the many challenges of being a mum and how we need to support each other, be kind, and take the small victories on the bad days (as well as try to laugh when you want to cry). I have had times in life where I felt I was falling to bits, I’ve lost my job before, have battled depression and anxiety, and experienced traumatic incidents in my social work career. In each challenging situation though, I have come through the other end stronger and knowing myself better, ready for the next battle.  Even though at the time I thought I was done for and life made no sense. Whatever the battle, the lesson has always been - you are strong and you got through it - this blog is to Help a Mummy Out who may be reading this and doubting that in themselves.

In 2017, I had the biggest battle yet. After trying for a baby, I quickly fell pregnant with a twin pregnancy. Unfortunately, my husband and I experienced the most heartbreaking, challenging, difficult time of our lives, when after a long painful road of constant worry, anxiety and fleeting moments of hope, we sadly lost one baby at just short of 28 weeks. This meant Eva had to come out very early to survive, and we endured a long stay on the neo natal unit whilst she got strong enough to come home.

I have experienced loss in a way that I would not wish upon anyone, and have felt pain I never knew existed. I thought this was a battle that would finally finish me off. But guess what, I am here, having dragged myself out of the hole and having learned how to live with loss, whilst being the best mum I can be. And I am happy and living my life. I socialise, I get drunk, I eat cake, I go shopping, I work, I exercise, I laugh. It can be done, how about that? You can heal and thrive. Even when the worst thing happens to you. You could not have convinced 2017 Louise of this, but here we are, writing a blog. Like I said, I’m no one important, but if I can come through something so heartbreaking and live a full and happy life so can anyone - never doubt yourself!

I’m committed to my mantra of ‘Help a Mummy Out’, whether this be a kind word, a hug, or just something practical, because we’re all trying our best and we all have our shit. Now you know mine, I hope that you want to read on to support the cause, share the madness that is motherhood, and remind yourself daily of what you are achieving– you’re bringing up a human being and that’s amazing!

With lots of love, Lou xxx